Team Effectiveness Workshop

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Team Effectiveness Workshop

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. This workshop is an epitome of this acronym. It has been established by research that teams reach their maximum potential when they are lead by strong leaders and know how to adjust with each other as team members. Minor behavioral issues can lead to ineffective teams, practically moving the team away form their goals. 

This workshop is designd as a series of 3 one-hour long sessions to help the teams identify their current level of effectiveness, provide anonymous input on each other’s positive and negative points in order to help them improve as a team. 

The workshop instills a collaborative mindset in team members, helping them align their personal goals with team goals. When the environment is conducive to adopting values for team improvement, the overall work culture gets better and employees are motivated to give their best.

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Team Effectiveness Workshop

3 sessions

1 hr per session

    Businesses are owned and run by people. When business owners work IN their business rather than ON their business, they overlook some of the basic principles that are essential for every business to succeed. The business owners do not do this on purpose. But this is a natural firefighting human tendency that can eventually make their business run out of business. This is where MUMKIN steps in,provides guidance how to work ON your business and attaining success while you do so.

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