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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Business Coaching is all about?

    Business coaching is all about you and the way you look at your business. We will challenge you with questions that will help you think more clearly about the problems and opportunities at your business. Remember, the coaching is successful when you, the client, states the best solution. It is then your solution not ours. We measure the success by how little the coach talks and how much you produce results.

  2. Is Business Coaching similar to therapy?

    Our business coaching is about business, about getting the right things done. Sometimes this touches on the way in which you listen and communicate with people, or, your focus on facts and not emotions. But, always, our discussions are about your business results and how to improve them.

  3. I've been in the business for so many years! How can you help me when you do not know anything about my business??

    There is an element of truth in this. If you really need help with a specific technical issue, business coaching is not the solution. On the other hand, every business is about customers, products, services, employees, sales, profits, capital, marketing, sales, operations, product development, quality, and more of these basics. 
    It only takes us an hour to ask enough questions to know the basic shape of your business, to provide us with a platform to engage you in productive discussions of how to push you and your business forward.
    Another key role for us is to help you establish the short list of tasks to work on each week to drive ahead. We provide the constant reminder of how day-to-day work connects with the big picture goals and the tactical accountability for getting the work done.

  4. Do you apply a fixed framework to help my business grow?

    There is no 'one size fits all technique' that works here. But, it is true that we work with clients to apply best practices in management. As we look at immediate problems our clients have, they learn new ways of seeing their business and how they go about managing it. We work together to use the best tools available to solve problems and put plans into action.

  5. What about start-up Businesses?

    We work with start-ups regularly. In fact, we have a reduced rate for start ups. Go to this page for more about how I work with startup companies.

  6. How long it takes to see the results?

    You will see results in your personal management approaches and skills within a few weeks. Business results typically take longer, three months is a good time frame, though it depends on the cycle time of the business issues you are tackling. 
    The results speak through our retention of clients. Since they can fire us any time if they are not happy with the results of the coaching work, they simply say “goodbye”. Many who leave us come back when they start a new venture or enter into a new phase of their management careers.

  7. Do I need to meet with you every week?

    Most clients find it valuable to meet every week. It keeps up the pace of the work, makes for better, more immediate feedback on progress and problems, and maintains better self-accountability for the important future-building tasks. 
    On the other hand, some clients find every other week to work fine. We just need to identify what works best for you. 
    At the outset of a new relationship, we suggest at least two months of weekly meetings. This gives us the opportunity to really dig in and accomplish something important and useful. It also assures that we have a sound understanding of how you work and the important facts about how your business works. Please email now for a free coaching session.
    Finally, most clients really look forward to talking to us. One of our team members is the one person they speak with each week who will listen with interest to whatever they say, not be judgmental in anyway, and be supportive through good questioning and sound coaching practice.

  8. How effective is Telephone or Computer-Based Coaching?

    We have been working via telephone/net for so many years. After years of face-to-face coaching, we have figured out the net to be better in many ways than face-to-face meetings. 
    When we sit down to talk, we are totally present and focused on the person on the other end of the line. We are listening to every word. And, not being required to provide visual focus, we can process the conversation and think of different questions to re-frame the issues or bring up new avenues to explore very consistently. 

    We hear the body language through the audible cues given during a conversation. There are no visual or aural distractions because the two of us are listening intently to the voice in our earpiece and nothing else.Sometimes we need to talk about financial management issues or other document based topics. 
    Then we can turn to our computer screens and refer directly to the facts in question. Some clients keep detailed notes and create an agenda for every meeting. we print this out in advance and we let the client manage the meeting flow as they see fit. 
    Other clients come to the meetings with topics that are pressing on them that day. For them, we have to be sure that we bring up the tasks from the previous session so that we close the loop on their progress. This is accountability.

  9. Am I signing up for a long contract?

    No. Our contract with you includes a clear statement that either party can cancel the engagement on a one week notice. However, we recommend that we engage for about three months to see good, tangible results.

  10. This must be expensive.

    Most clients budget SAR 2500 to 5000 per month. This means that business coaching that will produce significant results, measured in sales dollars, increased profitability, more customers, and a more productive, happier you, the business owner or manager, costs on a par with your CPA. So, when you think of adding a new senior manager to your staff, this looks outrageously inexpensive.

  11. I’m not a business owner, just a manager. Is this for me?

    If you manage people, have a budget, and are responsible for results, business coaching can help you be more effective.

  12. Do you work with management teams?

    Yes. This is where a Skype (or other) video conference works really well. Unlike working with individuals, we do need to see everyone so that we can effectively manage the group and keep everyone involved.

    Businesses are owned and run by people. When business owners work IN their business rather than ON their business, they overlook some of the basic principles that are essential for every business to succeed. The business owners do not do this on purpose. But this is a natural firefighting human tendency that can eventually make their business run out of business. This is where MUMKIN steps in,provides guidance how to work ON your business and attaining success while you do so.

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